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Aputure Spotlight Mount Soczewka 36°

SKU: 1000006708
Dostępność 1-5 dni roboczych
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Aputure 36 degrees lens for Spotlight Mount

The Aputure Spotlight Mount Lens 36 ° is an high quality accessory for the Aputure Spotlight Mount. This ellipsoidal modifier introduces the Bowens Stahler mount and can be used with a 19 °, 26 °, or 36 ° lens mount from Aputure. The three lenses each have different values ​​in terms of beam diameter and light output.

The Aputure Spotlight Mount Lens 36 ° is ideal for large or restricted setups when a wide light beam is required. Despite the weakest light output, the 36 ° lens has the largest illuminated area of ​​the three lenses. For example, at a distance of three meters you get a beam diameter of 180 cm, which is twice as wide as with the 19 ° mount.


  • Accessory part for the Aputure Spotlight Mount
  • High quality 36 ° lens
  • For large illuminated areas with low light intensity
  • 180 cm beam diameter at a distance of three meters 
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