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Aputure EZ Box + II

SKU: 1000006013

Diffused light / Aluminium rods / Collapsible / Lightweight

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Aputure Easy Box +(EZ Box +) II

Cinematic Soft Lighting

The Amaran EZ Box+ II is the upgrade to the original EZ Box, and is the flagship diffusion accessory for the Amaran line of products. Designed specifically for the AL-528, HR672 or Tri-8, the EZ Box+ II includes ultra soft diffusion cloth, a high quality eggcrate-style grid, and a newly designed rapid build assembly system.

The Amaran Quick Soft Lighting Solution

The EZ Box+ II is specially designed for any of Aputure’s three Amaran panels. Built for the indie filmmaker who’s always on the go, the EZ Box+ II is pre-built with foldable rods that can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of seconds. The diffusion cloth is carefully engineered to create the perfect balance of soft, flattering light while maintaining high output.

Enhance Your Lighting

The EZ Box+ II comes with a variety of materials which allow creatives to have several options for shaping light. The silver reflective interior of the EZ Box+ II enhances the reflection and luminance of your lighting, while the high quality diffusion fabric provides extremely soft lighting.

Maximum Control

By itself, the EZ Box+ II increases the area of your Amaran light by 150%. For filmmakers and photographers looking for a more refined, controlled setup, the EZ Box+ II includes an fabric grid which brings your light source to a soft, narrow 35 degree beam angle.


  • Efficiently creates diffused light blending from LEDs into a single softer light source
  • Adapters and aluminium-alloy rods are now pre-joint and collapsible
  • Whole new unibody and production-ready design saves 50% setup time
  • Lightweight, collapsible, easy to use, and long lasting
  • Bundled with grid add-on help control light spill spread by 35 degrees

What's in the Package:

1x Aputure EZ Box+ II Softbox
1x Portable Bag
2x Bracket Assembly
1x Diffuser
1x Fabric Grid


Dimensions of Diffuser
295*265 mm
Dimensions of Softbox
275*235*88.5 mm
Dimensions of Grid
300*270*80 mm
Net Weight
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