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Cartoni JIBO Fluid Action with Case (KJ103)

SKU: 1000011258

up to 20kg payload / up to 2 meters / 100mm bowl base / weights 16kg

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Cartoni JIBO Fluid Action with Case (KJ103)

The new portable 3 section CARTONI JIBO FLUID is designed to be one of the most versatile and cost effective lightweight Jibs, carrying up to 20 kg (44 lbs) and fits into a practical lightweight case on wheels.

The JIBO‘s innovative unique feature of the 3 easy mounting sections provides fast and easy operational flexibility and can be assembled or disassembled in less than 3 minutes.

JIBO adds the benefit of diagonal tracking and elevation to the traditional pan and tilt movement of a standard Fluid Head.

The movements are assisted by CARTONI patented fluid modules on both pan and tilt. The modules can be engaged or dis-engaged.

This new lightweight Jib weighs only 16 Kg (35 lbs) and folds down to 1.

It allows shooting from absolute ground level to 2 meters (78″) in height, with a maximum extension of 172cm (67”).

The rear part of the arm, which holds the counterweights, is extendible to provide for accurate camera balance; the typical counterweight kit is 20 kg of rubberized gym weights (sold separately).

The front telescopic arm permits the CARTONI JIBO to work in a wide variety of shooting positions or requirements. The fluid head supporting the camera can be positioned in several different positions as under-slung, side-ways, etc.

The T-bar accessory is available for remote control set up and allows to install controls for camera and zoom.

JIBO interfaces with any 100mm bowl base tripod and for heavier set-ups a Mitchell base adapter is available seperately.

Another unique feature is the horizontal lock for safer set-up operation.

The JIBO’s Fluid configuration includes a fluid modules on pan and tilt mode, a 100mm bowl base head attachment with multiple orientation, left to right and on/under and 2 spirit levels.

The JIBO’s kit configuration includes a rugged waterproof lightweight resin case with wheels, a 100mm bowl base head attachment with multiple orientation, left to right and on/under and 2 spirit levels.

With an optional Adapter for Jibo all Tripods with 150 mm base can be easily applied.

Delivery Content:
  • Jibo Fluid Action
  • Polypropylene Case Jibo (C102)
  • Tie down knob for Fluid Heads 100mm

Technical Specifications

16 kg/35 lbs
20 kg/44 lbs
100 mm
Head mounting
100 mm
Minimum extension
122 cm/48"
Maximum extension
172 cm/68"
Typical Counterweight (sold seperately)
20 kg/44 lbs
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