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Datavideo PTC-150 White HD/SD PTZ Video Camera

SKU: 1000008357

3G Resolution / 1080p60 / 30x Optical Zoom / multi-camera control

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Datavideo PTC-150 White HD/SD PTZ Video Camera  

One-person camera crew
The beauty of multiple PTC-150 cameras is the ability to control all of them from a single control panel. Pair up to 4 cameras with the RMC-180 controller, and you can reduce your camera crew to just... you.
Fantastic 3G Resolution
The PTC-150 shoots video at a maximum resolution of 1080p60, with advanced digital noise reduction for beautiful, smooth image quality even in less-than-perfect lighting conditions.
30x Optical Zoom
The PTC-150's impressive 30x optical zoom allows you to mount it near or far and still get great, sharp shots.
Dark or Light Body
The PTC-150 is available in dark gray or white to remain inconspicuous in permanent setups.
Simple multi-camera control at your fingertips
With its ergonomic joystick and tactile button layout, the RMC-180 makes it easy to set up and control up to four Datavideo PTC-150 cameras for any live video production.
RMC-300C can control up to 24 PTC-150 cameras
Works together with an iPad or Android tablet to control up to 24 Datavideo PTC-150 cameras.
Delivery Content:
1 x PTC-150 Unit
1 x IR remote controller
1 x PTC-150 Thank You Card
1 x Ceiling mount bracket-A
1 x Ceiling mount bracket -B
6 x Ceiling mount bracket screw M3*4mm
1 x DC 12V Power Adaptor
1 x Power Cord
1 x A tightrope
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