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HPRC 2460E Hard Case

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HPRC 2460E Hartschalenkoffer
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HPRC 2460E Hard Case

The HPRC (High-Performance Resin Cases) 2460E Hard Case is a lightweight, waterproof, unbreakable case. The hard-resin shells are virtually unbreakable and the interior rubber O-ring keeps the case air and watertight. The case has an air pressure release valve. It is carried by a super-soft rigid grip handle and has a cubed foam interior. The case provides its content protection against many dangers and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Features & Advantages:
- Extra tough: Impact resistant TTX01: Polypropylene supplemented with particularly powerful special resin.
- Accommodating: Self-regulating membrane ensures automatic pressure equalization
- Unbreakable: Elastic, durable hard shell with high impact resistance
- Stable: Acid resistant, scratch-proof and water-proof, dust-tight and light
- Tempature rating: Withstands extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations from -40 ° C to +80 °
- Tested: ISO9001 - certified product quality
- Design: modern and timeless
- Air freight usage: Reinforced edges. Integrated address label. pressure compensation
- Safe: Steel-reinforced hinges. Smooth reliable closures
- Ergonomic: Aluminum-reinforced soft handles for better comfort.

Internal dimensions
409mm × 306mm × 175mm / 16,10"-12,00"-6,89"
External dimensions
434mm × 377mm × 188mm / 17,08"-14,84"-7,40"
2,60 kg / 5,7 Ibs
minimum -40°C - 32°F
maximum +80°C - 176°F

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HPRC 2460C Hartschalenkoffer

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