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HPRC 2600 for Canon EOS C70 (C70-2600-01)

SKU: 1000010014

543x419x218 mm

Dostępność 5-10 dni.
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HPRC 2600 for Canon EOS C70 (C70-2600-01)

C70-2600-01 is the HPRC case based on the HPRC2600 designed to protect and carry the Canon Eos C70 and accessories.

The pre-cut high density foam can fit: Canon Eos C70, Batteries BP-A60/BP-A30 3, Lens Canon RF 24-105 or similar, Lens Canon RF 15-35 or similar, Lens Canon RF 70-200 or similar, Lens Canon RF 24-70 or similar, Canon Adapter EF-RF 0.71x, HPRC1300MEMBLB, CA-CP200L, Miscellaneous, Battery Charger CG-A20 OTH, Handle unit.

The Vector Panel increases the protection of the equipment stored and enables a quick and easy organization of the space.

The images are for the sole purpose of presenting the product. The case is sold WITHOUT equipment.


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