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HyperDeck Extreme Control

SKU: 1000006357

Automate Editing / VTR Style Design / IN or OUT buttons / Pre-roll button

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HyperDeck Extreme Control (BM-HYPERD/RSTEXCTR)

HyperDeck Extreme Control adds traditional broadcast deck controls to HyperDeck Extreme 8K. It works like a traditional broadcast deck with a familiar layout. Control up to 8 decks via industry standard RS-422 control.

HyperDeck Extreme Control gives you traditional deck control features with a built in editor for automating the ingest of legacy videotape based programming. Combined with HyperDeck Extreme, you get a professional deck solution that’s exciting and fast to use. There are transport control buttons, timecode, deck status, plus a large search dial with electronic clutch for jog, shuttle and positioning. Controlling up to 8 separate decks is possible using standard RS‑422 ensuring compatibility with virtually any type of deck! It’s even possible to edit between different video standards, so you can up convert old 4:3 interlaced SD masters to 1080p HD in 16:9 via a Teranex Express converter.

Traditional RS‑422 Broadcast Deck Control
The most popular control connection used on broadcast decks since the early 1980s is the RS‑422 protocol. Originally developed by Sony, RS‑422 is used on almost all broadcast gear.

HyperDeck Extreme Control extends your HyperDeck Extreme to add traditional broadcast deck controls. It works like a traditional broadcast deck with a familiar layout. You can control up to 8 decks via industry standard RS‑422 control. You can even rack mount to the HyperDeck Extreme to create a single "broadcast deck" unit. Because it uses standard RS‑422, you can control old broadcast decks and perform edits using set in and out points. That's perfect for archiving work. Plus you can even edit between frame rates if standards converting between formats. Even the controls have been developed in-house by Blackmagic Design to ensure a premium feel with traditional styling.

• Pre-roll Edits to Cue Decks
• Perform the Edit Automatically
• Flexible In and Out Point Entry for Editing
• Full Timecode Display and Deck Status
• Premium Search Dial for Jog and Shuttle
• Traditional and Elegant Transport Controls

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