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IDX Charger (LC-2A)

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IDX Charger (LC-2A)

Universal, simultaneous 2-slot battery charger for Sony, Panasonic and Canon batteries.

The IDX LC-2A charger is equipped with exchangeable battery plates, which enables the simultaneous charging of two 7.4 V batteries.

Charges two L-Series batteries from Sony, Canon BP or VW-VBG batteries from Panasonic, the LED charge status indicator shows when the batteries are fully charged.

The simultaneous charger is compatible with the following 7.4 V batteries:

Sony: L-Series (NP-F Mount) IDX / Panasonic: SSL-VBG50, VW-VBD50 Panasonic: VW-VBG6, VW-VBG260, VW-VBD55, VW-VBD58 Canon: BP-955, BP-975, BLP-E6

Main features

  • 10 interchangeable plates (two for each battery interface)
  • Fast simultaneous charging of two batteries at the same time
  • Universal AC plug for worldwide use
  • Charge status LED indicators
  • Automatic charging stop when the batteries have fully charged
  • two year IDX standard guarantee

Technical specifications

Input voltage: AC 100-240V 60 / 50Hz (automatic)

Power consumption: 36W max.

Charge current: 1.9A

Charging voltage: 12-19V DC

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