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Jackery SolarSaga 100 Panel fotowoltaiczny

SKU: 1000011791

Panel 100 W / Składany / Komapktowy / Wodoodporność: IP67

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Jackery SolarSaga 100 Solar Panel

The SolarSaga 100 is a monocrystalline solar panel for self-sufficient power supply on the go! With a high conversion efficiency of up to 23%, it is ideal for outdoor activities and even unexpected power outages at home. The solar panel weighs 4.69 kg - lightweight, foldable and fitted with an easy-to-carry handle.

  • Solar generator with high conversion efficiency: With a high conversion efficiency of up to 23%, the SolarSaga 100 works perfectly with the Explorer 1000/500/240 power station (sold separately) to function as an off-grid solar generator - Ideal solution for self-sufficient camping or unexpected power outages .
  • Solar Charger with Dual USB Outputs: Equipped with 1 USB-C output and 1 USB-A output to directly charge multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, etc.
  • Light, strong and practical: The SolarSaga 100 features a foldable design with a TPE rubber grip and weighs only 4.69 kg. It's convenient to carry wherever you go. Adjust the angle with the built-in kickstand. Made of durable fabric, zipper and PET material, high temperature resistant (Note: solar panel is not waterproof).
  • Over current protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection

High conversion efficiency
Monocrystalline silicon solar cells with multi-layered cell technology enable highest quality and a high conversion efficiency up to 23%.

Langlebig und robust
ETFE-laminated solar cells offer weather-resistant outdoor durability and longer life. Cables and ports can be store and protect in a integrated storage bag. Additionally it is shock- & dustproof.

Foldable and portable
Due to its foldable design and its compact size it enables easy transportation. The comfortable The adjustable kickstands allows an easy installation or angle adjustment.

Two SolarSaga 100 for Explorer 1000
Two SolarSaga 100W solar panels can quickly charge the Explorer 1000(not included)within 8 hours by connecting together with a SolarSaga Y Parallel Cable (package not included). Connect the DC interfaces of two SolarSaga 100 with the Y Parallel Cable and connect the Y Parallel Cable with the Anderson input of Explorer 1000

One SolarSaga 100 for Explorer 500/240
SolarSaga 100W solar panel can quickly charge The Explorer 500/300/240(not included)within 9.5/5/4 hours. Just connect DC interface with the DC input of Explorer 500/300/240.

Notes on solar charging:
Recharging time varies from different location, temperature, weather etc. The actual time may be different.
During recharging, keep your portable power station away from heat and direct sunlight in order to extend its life span.

Power Outdoors and at home
Build up your Portable-Solar-Generator System together with Jackery Solar Saga 100W and Jackery Explorer 240/300/500/1000/1500 power station (sold separately). Jackery solar generator is ideal for any outdoor activities such as camping, climbing, hiking, picnic and even unexpected power outages. It could run most of your essential outdoor appliances and electronics. When you need power in special circumstances, Jackery solar generator can also be your reliable backup power supply.

Delivery Content:
  • SolarSaga 200 Solar Panel
  • User Manual

Technichal Specifications:

Peak Power
Cell efficiency
Power Voltage
Power Current
Open Circuit Voltage
Short Circiut Current
Dimensions (folded)
610 x 535 x 35 mm
Dimensions (unfolded)
1220 x 535 x 5 mm
Operating Usage Temperature
-10-65℃ (14-149°F)
24 months
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