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Shape Panasonic GH5 Cage Matte Box Follow Focus Shoulder Mount (GH5SMKIT)

SKU: 1000001264

Fast to assemble / Access to controls / Access to outputs / With Matte Box

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Shape Panasonic GH5 Cage Matte Box Follow Focus Shoulder Mount (GH5SMKIT)

This lightweight and robust cage is built and designed to protect the frame and facilitate the manipulation of the Panasonic Lumix GH5 Camera. The Top handle procures the perfect grip for optimal manipulation and support.

This cage is easy to assemble and disassemble and you don’t need to remove any parts when you want to install the camera. It has quick access to the memory card and the battery. The camera is fixed with a ¼-20 screw with the threaded hole under the unit, and the position is secured with the back and the sides of the cage so it will not move forward when equipped with a heavier lens.

It gives you easy access to the lens release button, battery door and memory card. By leaving an open access on top of the camera cage, you can mount different accessories to the electronic Hot Shoe. On the side of the camera cage, there is also a second built in Hot Shoe to add more accessories like a microphone.

The cage is designed to be compatible with the full-size HDMI cable protector lock on the side to secure the use of your HDMI 4K cable. The cage features several ¼-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes for attachments.

Removable Metabones® Support Bracket included in the baseplate. When there is no Metabones® adapter, the ¼-20 screw is captive so you don’t have to remove it from the cage and simply slide the bracket from under the cage.

The REVOLT Top Handle Hot Shoe DSLR is designed to give you a solid and comfortable grip on your camera. You can quickly insert and remove the top handle with the built-in hot shoe attachment. The camera handle grip is designed with an ergonomic finger grip. The frame is made from robust aluminum and the grip is made from genuine Canadian maple wood for maximum comfort.  A View Finder bracket 15mm Rod Clamp can also be attached at the front of the Top Handle.

The Quick Release Plate can be used as a table stand or can be attached to a tripod.

The rod bloc travel height is adjustable with the help of an Allan Key for an optimal adjustment of your camera optical center, your Matt Box and your Follow Focus. Two 18 inch 15mm rods can be inserted into the rod bloc system to attach more equipment.

The unique patented SHAPE QUICK HANDLE push-button technology features two handles that can rotate individually on a 360° axis. The SHAPE handles can be rotated by pushing the red buttons. Once the buttons are released, the SHAPE handles are secured firmly in place. You can achieve precise positioning by sliding the SHAPE QUICK HANDLE ROD BLOC along the rods and secure the handles by tightening the single red knob on the ROD BLOC. Compatible with all 15mm rod systems, placed in front of any type of camera support, the SHAPE QUICK HANDLE ROD BLOC features a stainless steel locking mechanism for more durability.

The shoulder mount setup includes a mini composite shoulder pad and a padded back pad for a comfortable and stable position while shooting. The composite shoulder pad rests on your shoulder and helps your body support the weight of the camera and its accessories. The ROD BLOCK on the top is used to hold 15mm rods, attaching the camera platform. By adding extra male-female rods at the back, you can also attach a BASE COUNTER WEIGHT to the rear of the same rods.

The Shape Follow Focus Friction & GEAR CLIC is designed for standard 15mm rods. It can be instantly attached or detached from the rods using our second patented lever clamp system. Simply put it directly on top of the rods and lock the lever. It provides precise focusing, quick adjustments and great durability.

The SHAPE 2-Stage 4 x 4" Matte Box accepts lenses with up to a 100mm front outside diameter. It mounts to 15mm LWS rods and utilizes a swing-away design, which lets you perform quick lens changes without having to remove the matte box from your rods. You can adjust the height of the matte box in relation to the rods, which comes in handy when your lens center to rod center height is slightly off from the standard. Two rotating filter stages support the use of 4x4" filters. The matte box comes with a top flag (eyebrow), side flags, four matte box donuts in 66, 72, 82, and 90 mm sizes, and elastic donut.

Delivery Contents:
1 x Panasonic GH5 Cage
1 x screw ¼-20
1 x Top handle (DTH1)
1 x Quick release baseplate
1 x Adjustable 15mm rods bloc system
1 x Pair of 15mm rods of 18 inches (15TUBE18)
1 x Quick Handle Rod Bloc (HAND5)
1 x Composite shoulder pad
1 x Follow Focus Friction & Gear Clic (FFCLIC)
1 x Matte Box 4X4 (MATT44)


Materials CNC Machined Aluminum 
Product dimensions 68.58x37.47x45.09 (27x14.75x17.75in)
Product weight 3.86kg (8.5lb) 
Packaging dimensions 45.72 X 30.48 X 15.24cm (18 X 12 X 6in)
Packaging weight 4.47kg (9.85lb)
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