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Swit S-7200F SONY NP-F DV Battery Plate with Clamp

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Swit S-7200F SONY NP-F DV Battery Plate with Clamp

S-7200F adopts SONY NP-F type DV battery plate, compatible with SONY NP-F970/F-770 series DV batteries, and SWIT S-8972/S-8970/S-8770 DV batteries. The structure and power pins ensure a stable and reliable connection.

Key Features:
1. SONY NP-F DV battery adaptor plate
2. SWIT S-8972/S-8970/S-8770 and SONY 
    NP-F970/F-770 fit
3. 5.5/2.1mm Pole-tap DC output socket
4. With clamp to fix on camera handle or tripod


Applicable battery
SWIT S-8972, S-8970, S-8770, SONY NP-F970, NP-F770
Output voltage
Nominate DC 7.2V
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