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Chrosziel MatteBox and Shoulder Kit Allround (450R2-ALL1KIT)

SKU: 0000008712
Chrosziel Mattebox und Schulter-Kit Allround (450R2-ALL1KITPK)
Dostępność 5-10 dni.
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Chrosziel MatteBox and Shoulder Kit Allround (450R2-ALL1KIT)

Kit MB450 with Shoulder Support Allround 1: 450-R2 MatteBox with french flag (450-11), pivot-mech. for optional side-wings, 2 rotating filterholders: 4x4 (402-12)+ multi 4x4/4x5.650 (410-04), bracket for Ø 15 mm rods, end plate with thread Ø 114/110 mm 450-20 Flexi-Insertring 110:75/98 mm 450-22 Flexi-Insertring 110:50/85 mm 401-450HD LWS 15 HD Allround 3050 MultiPad 15 shoulder support 403-20L Handles wwith lever adjustment.

Included Products:

MatteBox MB 450R2 (114/110)

MatteBox 450R2, with Double-Rotating-Filter Stage, incl. mask 16:9, french flag (450-11), pivot mechanism for optional side wings, rotatable filterholders 4x4 (402-12) and multiformat 4x4/4x5.650 (410-04), rod clamping Ø 15 mm rods, cover end plate Ø 114/110 mm.

Handle Bar plus proVideo Lever
Handle Bar plus proVideo (w. 220 mm) for use with LWS. With clamping lever for rods with Ø 15 mm (tool-free adjustable). For light weight video cameras and HDSLR cameras with Shoulder Pad proVideo

LWS 15 HD Allround
LWS Light Weight Support 15 HD Allround, w. Ø 15 mm rods L. 310 mm, double rod guidance and clamp, adjustable for any camera with optical height betw. 26.5 a. 72.5 mm (distance betw. lens center and camera bottom). Spacers (pairs) of 1, 2, 4, 8, 2 x 16 mm, set of screws, table with camera heights and Allen wrench are included. (All Chrosziel camera platforms of series 401-4xx may be used alternatively.)

MultiPad 15
MultiPad 15 Adjustable ShoulderPad complete with MultiPad 15 Straight and Side Lock for use with Ø 15 mm rods. Pad mounts under the camera, behind or sidewards for cameras with viewfinder in the body.

Flexi-Insertring 110:50/85 mm
Flexi-Insert-Ring, for 110 mm screw-in, e.g. MB450. Light protection for lens diameters between 50 and 85 mm.

Flexi-Insertring 110:75/98 mm
Flexi-Insert-Ring, for 110 mm screw-in, e.g. MB450. Light protection for lens diameters between 75 and 98 mm


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