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Sachtler System 25 EFP 2 MCF (2513)

SKU: 1000008162

Payload 35 kg / 18x counterbalance / Touch & Go plate / carbon fibre tripod

Dostępność 25-30 dni.
69 926,12 ‎zł 55 940,89 ‎zł 45 480,40 ‎zł
Sachtler System Video 25 carbon fibre with Fluid Head, EFP 2 MCF Tripod , Mid-Level Spreader & Cover
Comfortable with payloads up to 35 kg, the Sachtler Video 25 Plus is a remarkably lightweight studio and outside broadcast fluid head. A seven-step clamping system means that you be sure your shots won’t ever suffer from unwanted jerks and vibrations. The 18-step counterbalance system lets you concentrate on getting the perfect shot, knowing that your camera is always securely positioned and protected from tipping.
The days of fumbling around with clumsy attachments are over, with Touch & Go quick release and automatic locking for speedy mounting and removal. Sachtler’s frictionless leak proof fluid damping with seven levels of drag helps with smooth panning and there’s a sliding balance plate too. Designed to guarantee high performance in any kind of shooting environment, and in any lighting conditions.
This dual extendible 150 mm tripod’s lightweight doesn’t come at the expense of stability or carrying capacity. A carbon fibre construction, 22 mm (0.87”) diameter and 4.1 kg weight mean that you won’t be wasting energy or space carrying this tripod to any location. Supporting up to 95 kg without a loss of stability, the 150 EFP 2 CF’s double extension gives you an extended height of 161 cm.
This versatility is enhanced by the quick clamping system that locks the legs in position in seconds by releasing a single catch. Whatever the conditions and whatever your schedule, the 150 EFP 2 CF is always ready to go. The one-piece Carbon fibre design means this durable, twist and corrosion resistant tripod will be a trusted and reliable part of your gear for years to come. The 150 EFP 2 CF is suitable for long-term use in any environment.
Delivery Content:
• Mid-level spreader 100/150
• Rubber Feet 100/150
• Video 25 Plus
• Tripod EFP 2 CF
• Cover EFP 2


8 - 35 kg
Bowl size
150 mm
8 kg
Spreader type
Mid-level spreader
Carbon Fiber
Transport length
Tripod stages
Height with spreader
0.50 to 3 m
Height without spreader
0.50 to 3 m
Temperature range
-40 to 60 °C
Tilt range
90° to -70°
Sliding range
Interface Compatibility
Touch & Go
18 counterbalance steps
7 + 0 horizontal and vertical grades of drag

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